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That which surpasses requirements, which surprises and simply inspires, is never thought or done by one person alone. If it is to be really good, then many professionals have given their skills and knowledge. Unusual solutions, the little bit better, the trying again.

Without Ralf, Ronny, Anja, Dominik, Sabine, Christoph and .... - the team - the claim of uniqueness remains just a catchword.

We have our heads full of ideas and our machinery full of material. We take measurements, we grind and glue, we mill and saw, we cut and advise and in between we curse.

And what distinguishes us is not only our ability, but above all our will. Because every single one of us with his skill, his craft contributes to the fact that MCR is what it is - craft with heart and soul. 

You can find a small extract of our 80 professionals with heart and soul here:


Every stone kitchen, every panelling, every single project begins with an intensive consultation. Brainstorming, samples are sent and an offer is made. MCR and customer join hands.

No matter which stone the customer wants, MCR will find it and if the boys have to travel with the customer to the holy halls of Antolini. Because only when the vision is alive, the customer is taken by the hand and the order is confirmed. Then tangible decisions are made - hand in hand for more success.

The stone is set in motion. Stones are ordered, the quality checked and the stone processed. The unique specimen is created. Hand finished, final check and off you go.

From the first customer contact through to the final individual adjustment at the customer's premises and on-site after-sales service - service is not just an empty phrase here, it is part of everyday life. So that every single piece is not only good, but damn good and that remains so.