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From the quarry to the product - a closed circle that always leads back to the origin. Sustainable use of natural stone is our anchor, and this is how we act every day.

But what does that mean exactly?


I. QUARRY: We gratefully accept the gift of nature, which it created all by itself. We let mining be as low energy as possible, of course without child labor or low wages.


II. SUPPLIERS: We select our suppliers based on innovation and quality. We also attach great importance to sustainable work, including transport. Natural stones usually come to us as slabs. Polished, leather-covered and brushed. Thus we directly continue the stone and our ideas.


III. PRODUCTION: We use all resources as intelligently as possible; we recycle water, our electricity is largely solar generated.


IV. FROM THE STUDIO TO THE CUSTOMER: Our projects of heart leave cleverly planned on the shortest routes to the customer. We keep an eye on the life cycle assessment right through to the end.


V. RECYCLING: We turn stone that is left over at the end of our work or that is no longer needed in its original form into a new idea. Some of the remainder goes back to old quarries for renaturation. For us, this closes the circle, the stone lives on and on.