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A stone is a stone is a stone. No way. The new design line n'Stee is modern furniture culture, freshly conceived in the MCR workshop. n'Stee has an exclusive appearance at Living Kitchen 2019.

The own design line n'Stee is a modular space solution made of natural stone. The idea is to be able to really work individually according to the customer's wishes. Whether for the kitchen, bathroom or office - it's all about overcoming design barriers in your head - material combinations, free, modular.

For over a year, the MCR team has been refining the manufacturing methods so that n'Stee becomes the magic cube he is. Free thinking in stone. Whether frames, fronts, interiors, heights, depths, widths - everything can be freely combined.

At the Living Kitchen n'Stee became a kitchen block made of leather Patagonia quartzite.

In addition to n'Stee, there are many other natural stone highlights and solutions for bathrooms, spa areas, living rooms and interiors.
You can find an insight into implemented projects here.